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  • ​From an early age I realized that garden design was my calling. I have been passionate about gardens, gardening and landscaping all my life.

  • I truly believe that great garden design ultimately makes your home a better place to live in.

  • I design the outdoors very much in conjunction with the home and indoor space so that it all works well together.​

  • By always focusing on both beauty and biodiversity, I am wholeheartedly dedicated to creating work that matters.

  • A garden cannot exist in isolation and thus creating an environmentally sustainable garden is essential.

  • I offer a garden advice/consultancy service, a landscape design package and also the complete service whereby I will design your garden and oversee the landscaping and implementation of the design.

  • If you would like me to help with your garden project, get in touch with any enquiries.

  • ​Each garden project is different and each client wants something different from their outdoor space. 

  • I offer a complete garden design service where, after the initial consultation you will be presented with a Landscape Design on CAD which I can then take through the pricing process or you are of course free to get your own prices to implement the design.​

  • Enhancing biodiversity is a huge challenge to all of us at the moment and to that end, each garden that I design will have a strong focus on working in tandem with nature and complimenting the surrounding countryside.

A well-thought-out and executed design is essential before starting any project.

Peter Dowdall

  • Obtaining a good garden design is only the first step in the process. Choosing the right Landscaper to implement the design and carry out the Landscaping is equally as important.

  • I will manage the process for you, obtaining prices from the correct Landscaper for your garden and managing the landscaping and implementation of the design.

I offer a garden advice and consultancy service where I will call to meet you at your garden and we can discuss all aspects of the garden and go through what you want from the garden. ​

  • No matter how good the garden design or how expertly the hard landscaping elements have been installed, the most visual element of any garden is the plants and planting.

  • Each Garden design comes complete with a Planting Plan.

  • I also develop planting plans for existing gardens or garden designs.

  • Probably the most important element of any garden, visually the plants bring impact and continuity to the garden landscape and correct plant choice will promote biodiversity and encourage beneficial wildlife.



The Right Tree for Your Garden

If choosing for pure elegance and as a statement piece then, provided your garden is big enough look no further than Cornus contraversa ‘Variegata’.


Known as the Wedding Cake Tree because the branches create a fabulous tiered effect as the tree matures it really is a living work of art.

A Salvia by Any Other Name

Much safer to look at some of the varieties which are stunning for their aesthetic attributes as opposed to their narcotic properties. ‘Carradonna’ is a tall growing form of Salvia nemerosa, the woodland sage and produces spires of dark navy flowers from late summer and is certainly one worth sourcing.

Beauty and the Birds

Fragrant white showy flowers are produced freely during May and June and the dark green glossy foliage offers these flowers the perfect background contrasting so well with the pure white. These blooms develop into berries during the autumn and winter months which makes it nearly more attractive during these months.

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