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Peter Dowdall

Beautiful bee gorging on an Allium earli

All my life I have been interested in and worked in gardens, gardening, landscaping and garden design in Ireland and the UK. 

I present on RTE and TV3 television and on radio and I am also the Garden Design and Gardening columnist for the Irish Examiner newspaper along with being a regular Features writer for The Irish Garden magazine.

I am passionate about gardens, gardening, landscaping and plants and I have hopefully managed to share my enthusiasm with many others and helped a few budding gardeners along the way.

Any garden project needs to start with a good garden design, and for that design to be properly implemented, the correct landscaper needs to be identified and the entire project managed so that the garden design becomes the landscape creation which is envisioned.

With my designs I aim to create aesthetically beautiful, usable, practical outdoor spaces. Each client and each home or business will always have a style of their own and I like to design gardens which compliment that style be that a contemporary garden design or something more traditional in style.

Maintaining and enhancing biodiversity is one of the challenges facing everyone at the moment and I feel responsible for creating gardens which will do just that.

I offer a complete garden design service presenting my clients with a detailed CAD Design with all plants and materials specified.


Once the garden design is completed, I will identify suitable landscapers to price the landscaping works.​

I can then manage the pricing process and also oversee the implementation of the design.

Some clients prefer to use their own landscapers or indeed to implement the plan and do the landscaping themselves, sometimes over years. I can work with you to help you to do this if this is the way that you make like to progress the landscaping.

Having a well thought out and detailed garden design ensures that each time you do some work on landscaping your garden space that you are working to a plan and that money isn't being wasted doing something which may not fit into the overall garden design.

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